Literary Field Adventskalender:
10 December

Johannes van Lente reads “In der Wand” by Lucas Vogelsang

10Welcome to the Bundesliga on the Literary Field Kaleidoscope! Just in time for today’s match between the 1. FC Köln and Borussia Dortmund, we want to introduce a book by a very special team of authors:

Football is probably the most popular sport in Germany – even ‘our’ authors have their own national team, the “DFB-Autorennationalmannschaft” (link). The team was founded in 2005 and has been playing other artistic teams all over the world, e.g in the writers’ “Wor(l)d Cup”. In 2010, they won the European Cup – in the legendary “Rote Erde” stadium in Dortmund. That might be one explanation for their special relation to the city and its team (or they just love good football and hence the BVB…).

The “Autorennationalmannschaft” followed every BVB home game during the memorable Bundesliga season of 2014/2015 and editor Moritz Rinke compiled a book out of 30 texts (and an epilogue by Sebastian Kehl). The books is called “Man muss ein Spiel auch lesen können. Ein schwarzgelbes Jahr” and was published in 2015 by the Berlin-based publisher Blumenbar, who kindly allowed us to read the following excerpt:

Lucas Vogelsang: “In der Wand.” Man muss ein Spiel auch lesen können. Ein schwarzgelbes Jahr. Moritz Rinke (Hg.). Berlin: Blumenbar Verlag (Aufbau), 2015. Available as paperback and ebook (EPUB). Link to the publisher’s website.

Johannes van Lente is an IT Consultant – and a huge BVB fan.