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17 December

Helen Oyeyemi reads “The Disgraced Fox”, a Korean fable

17This story is called “The Disgraced Fox”, and it’s from a collection of Korean folk tales called “Hungbu and Nolbu” published in 1991 by the Foreign Languages Publishing House in Pyongyang, North Korea. The tales were collected by Ho Won Gil (unfortunately, there’s no note on the translator).

Helen Oyeyemi said she liked this story because it captured the extremely rare occasion of a turtle proving more cunning than a fox…

The stories are available in the public domain via North Korea’s official website naenara.

Helen Oyeyemi is a contemporary British writer. She wrote her first novel, The Icarus Girl, while still at school studying for her A levels. You can find out more about Helen Oyeyemi on her website and see a list of her published works below.

Helen Oyeyemi’s novels, plays and short stories:

  • What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours (Riverhead Books, 2016) Short story collection
  • Boy, Snow, Bird (Riverhead Books, 2014) Novel
  • Mr Fox (Riverhead Books, 2011) Novel
  • White is for Witching (Nan A. Talese, 2009) Novel
  • The Opposite House (Bloomsbury, 2007) Novel
  • The Icarus Girl (Nan A. Talese, 2005) Novel
  • Victimese (Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2005) Play
  • Juniper’s Whitening (Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2004) Play