Literary Field Adventskalender:
20 December

Sandra van Lente reads “Es gibt so wunderweiße Nächte” by Rainer Maria Rilke

20And we are back to Rilke. He is one of my favourite poets – and actually one of the first I came across. Rilke was part of our literary canon at school (in Hessen in the 1980s); and although there is a lot you can criticise about our canon, such as the absence of female authors to name just one point, I’m quite happy to have “met” Rilke this way. He kept me good company through various stages of my life and some wonderful memories that I share with my friends are linked to Rilke’s poetry.

For today’s reading, I chose one of his (lesser known) winter poems.

Sandra van Lente is a freelance project manager and translator who lives in Berlin. She also programmes websites and ebooks and teaches classes on project management, public relations and the literary field in the UK. She started the Literary Field Kaleidoscope together with Gesa Stedman in January 2016.