“You will always be our brothers and sisters” – Poetry and Indigenous Languages from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

“Strength lies in Celtic and European unity” – this could have been the motto of Tuesday’s event entitled Muttersprache which took place at the Centre for British Studies and was co-organised by The Literary Field Kaleidoscope, Read more

Nasty, Impressive, Moving, and Inspiring Women

On this year’s International Women’s Day, Sandra van Lente writes about the essay collection Nasty Women and the publishing house that produced it: the independent Scottish publisher 404ink, founded and run by Laura Jones and Heather McDaid. I would like to use this year’s International Women’s Day to draw your […] Read more

Literary Field Adventskalender:
11 December

Corinna Radke reads “Bertie’s Christmas” by Alexander McCall Smith Let’s conclude this week with another text from Scotland, this time from Edinburgh. Corinna Radke reads a passage from Alexander McCall Smith‘s “44 Scotland Street” Series. The “44 Scotland Street” novels are set in “… a quiet urban neighbourhood in the […] Read more