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Articles (long reads)

  • Gesa Stedman (GS): “Fire and Fury – The (British) Literary Field in 2018” (link)
  • Sandra van Lente (SvL): “The Literary Field in France – a Glimpse at our Neighbours” (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: “The Literary Field in the UK – Recent Trends and Developments” (overview article) (link)
  • Sandra van Lente: “A Book is a Book is a Book?! – E-Books in the Literary Field” (link)


  • “Quite groggy and very happy”: An account of the first months in the Literaturhaus under the new dual leadership of Janika Gelinek and Sonja Longolius (GS and SvL) (link)
  • “Passion and Politics – Ocelot, Not Just Another Bookstore” (SvL) (link)
  • “We believe in more good books, good bookshops with good booksellers and customers who appreciate this” – Interview with an Independent Bookseller in Berlin (GS) (link)
  • Bibliodiversity, Fair Speech and Cultural Resilience – an Interview with the Feminist Author and Publisher Susan Hawthorne (SvL) (link)
  • Passion and commerce – an interview with an independent bookseller in Paris (SvL) (link)
  • Interview with the authors Sophie Hannah, Bethan Roberts and Kate Summerscale (SvL) (link)
  • Interview with an agent! Dr Saskia von Hoegen and her literary agency (SvL) (link)
  • Sandra van Lente’s translation of an interview between author and publisher Zoë Beck and Anita Djafari, managing director of Litprom and “Woman in Publishing of the Year 2016” (link)
  • Interview with the editor Helga Frese-Resch (Kiepenheuer & Witsch) on crime fiction and more (SvL) (link to English version, link to German version)
  • Interview with former Booker Prize judge Valentine Cunningham (GS) (link)


  • Find more reviews and our new review series “Caution! Reading in Progress” via the search function (navigation bar, upper right)
  • Jana Wiggenhauser: Storytelling and Political Activism: “Refugee Tales” and its Call to End Indefinite Immigration Detention in the UK (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: The Arrogance of the “Hybrid” Intellectual – A Review of Broken German by Tomer Gardi (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: A Boy in Winter – Rachel Seiffert’s New Novel (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: Review of Sunjeev Sahota’s “The Year of the Runaways” (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: Haunted by a Powerful Novel: Evie Wyld’s “All The Birds, Singing” (link)
  • Katarina Živković: “A Counter-History of Crime Fiction” by Maurizio Ascari – Rediscovering the Origins of a Genre (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: The Bricks That Don’t Build a Novel: Kate Tempest’s First (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: Reader’s Report: Short Reviews of Recent and Not So Recent Novels (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: Global Pudding – Review of Zadie Smith’s new novel Swing Time (link)
  • Jürgen Enkemann: British Films at the Berlinale 2017 (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: “‘Von-derful, darlink‘ – Charlotte Mendelson’s Novel Almost English” (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: “Painstaking Research, But Not Such a Good Read – Sarah Waters The Paying Guests” (link)
  • Margarete Zimmermann: “Die erste französische Buchhandlung in Berlin: Françoise Frenkel, Rien où poser sa tête.” (link)
  • Jürgen Enkemann: “The Literary Field and Recent British Cinema: Genius by Michael Grandage” (link)
  • Gesa Stedman: “Review: Sarah Hall, The Wolf Border (2015)” (link)
  • Sandra Müller: “A Conservative Backlash in UK Publishing? The Case of Maggie Gee’s The White Family” (link)

Posts about Events

  • Killing it in Yorkshire: the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate (SvL) (link)
  • Transitioning from Migration – The final day at Berlin’s African Book Festival 2019 (WB) (link)
  • Transitioning from Migration – Berlin’s African Book Festival 2019 (SvL) (link)
  • From London to Leipzig – Bookfairs, Projects, Politics (SvL, 2019) (link)
  • Bloody Scotland 2017 (SvL) (link)
  • World Book Day 2017 (SvL) (link)
  • London Book Fair 2017 (SvL) (link)
  • #BritLitBerlin 2017: Diverse Voices, New Directions (SvL) (link)
  • Scottish Crime in Berlin – Public Reading with Denise Mina (SvL) (link)
  • “To see what’s possible in poetry” – Frances Leviston in Berlin (first public “Literary Field Kaleidoscope” reading) (SvL) (link)
  • Representation of Women in the Literary Field – Can Blogs make a Difference? (SvL) (link)
  • Literature & Licenses in London 2016 (London Book Fair) (SvL) (link)
  • #BritLitBerlin 2016: Celebrating British Crime Fiction (SvL) (link)


  • The Death of Gentlemanly Publishing: Obituary for Editor Diana Athill (GS) (link)
  • Please Look After This Author – Obituary for Michael Bond (1926-2017) (GS) (link)
  • Derek Walcott Obituary – Unity and Division Created by the Ocean (GS and SvL) (link)
  • No More Princess Smartypants: Obituary for Children’s Book Writer Babette Cole (GS) (link)
  • Death of more than a Salesman (Robert Kiepert) (GS) (link)
  • Death of a Gentleman Publisher (Lord Weidenfeld) (GS) (link)