Sarah J. Singer: Domes

The Literary Field Kaleidoscope and the Centre for British Studies at Humboldt University Berlin invited the poet Frances Leviston for a reading (link to the report) and a creative writing session for the centre’s students. We would like to thank Sarah J. Singer very much for sharing the poem she wrote on that day with us.

Sarah J. Singer

I see like a child
Out the window, with wonder
Is this the same city
I have known? Past the scaffolding
And the neon nightlights
And the green pulse across the watery expanse
Of pavement and old domes

My skin is crawling, an itch
Inside my veins
“So blue!” she says
And the needle goes in with ease,
Sends ice up my arm
Like a cool drink in summer

I watch the domes
Lurking in the night sky
There are two, out my window
As I am two, as the two
That have been taken from me

I have been scooped out, carved
A Jack o’ Lantern of scars, new light
Slid inside, flickering, burning

I am numb